Zudio Sells 90 T-Shirts Every Minute and 20 Pairs Of Denims Every Hour

Zudio Sells 90 T-Shirts Every Minute and 20 Pairs Of Denims Every Hour

Affordable apparel retailer from Tata, Zudio sold 90 t-shirts every minute and 20 pairs of denims every hour in fiscal 2023-24.

During the fiscal, Zudio made impressive strides by entering 46 new cities and strengthening its presence in 48 existing cities.

Zudio’s expansion efforts have been remarkable, surpassing even the well-established Tata-run retail chain, Westside.

As of fiscal 2023-24, Westside was present in 91 cities with 232 stores, while Zudio, introduced in 2016 was present in 161 cities with 545 stores, according to Tata Group company Trent’s annual report.

“The key to Zudio’s success lies in its focus on accessibility, affordability and attractive product offerings,” Business Today reported.

According to the reports, the brand’s strategy of minimising lead times, ensuring fresh collections reach stores quickly has been the game changer for the retailer.

Zudio sources most of its merchandise from within India, emphasising accessibility, speed and flexibility.

In the earlier fiscal alone, Zudio added 203 new stores to its network and revamped 10 stores, with an average store size of approximately 10,000 sq. feet.

The investment for a new Zudio store typically ranges between Rs 3-4 crore, covering capital expenditure, deposits, and inventory.

Zudio’s remarkable growth and performance in the previous fiscal underscore its position as a key player in the affordable clothing segment.