Wedding attire brand Kalki opens flagship store in Hyderabad

Wedding Attire Brand Kalki Opens Flagship Store In Hyderabad

Wedding attire brand Kalki has increased its retail footprint by opening its first flagship store in Hyderabad which spans over a massive 13,000 sq. feet.

The Kalki outlet which is located in Aan Global in Banjara Hills was inaugurated by celebrity Kajal Aggarwal.

Highlighting the store is an imposing 6×7 feet artwork frame right at the entrance, which has been intricately curated by Kalki’s artisans.

This store has a European vibe to it and the re-imagined and fresh take on the interiors of the store elevates the shopping experience and would transport the people to the surreal land of Europe.

“The eternal and everlasting love for wedding outfits that any bride, bridegroom, or wedding attendees could fancy or have a preference for will be available at the store,” the brand said in a statement.

From jacket lehengas, innovative draped gowns with elements like capes, trails, layers, feathers, and crushed shimmer, to heritage pieces in fabric like velvet, the Kalki store has all that a bride desires.

Bridegrooms too have the option to choose from fabrics like brocade, silk, or velvet to create a regal look for their special day.

Apart from housing various styles for every wedding event, the store also has accessories to complement the outfits, such as belts and bridal purses, footwear, and belts.

“Walking into this store is like wandering through an art gallery. It’s just breathtaking. And today, I’m rocking this glamorous Indowestern saree, which feels fiery and luxurious,” Kajal Aggarwal said.

“The attention to detail is surreal. Kalki is totally shaking things up in the world of signature ethnic fashion, and I’m here for it,” she added.

“Hyderabad has always been an exciting destination for a Kalki flagship store, and this year, we are thrilled to unveil our sixth flagship store in Banjara Hills,” Nishit Gupta, Director of Kalki also said.

“This is our grandest store ever, as it spans 13,000 square feet of multistory signature shopping experience,” Gupta too added.



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