India ITME Society, 45 year old apex industry body conducted an Enthralling Session on Manufacturing Technologies for Textiles at Bharat Tex

India ITME Society, 45 year old apex industry body conducted an Enthralling Session on Manufacturing Technologies for Textiles at Bharat Tex

Where Bharat Tex 2024 celebrated Indian Textile Industry, the India ITME Society presented the importance of the textile machinery and technology segment with an engrossing panel session on the 2nd day of Bharat Tex- 27th February 2024 at Bharat Mandapum. It encompassed the importance of textile machinery & technology in the advancement of the textiles and apparel industry.

Mr.  M. Sankar, Director (Operations), Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. Esteemed panelists of Globally renowned Spinning Machineries, spoke on LMW’s state-of-the-art smart solutions for benchmark productivity and quality. LMW stands among a select few glob­al companies that undertake the complete cycle of designing, manufacturing, installing, and offering lifelong service for the entire range of machineries in the spinning line. Auto Blend LA10 machinery from LMW is a versatile cutting-edge solution which can blend a wide range of materials seamlessly. The Auto Blend can accommodate up to 4 feeders, each capable of handling 500 kg/hr, and a Two-line output. Online weight variation monitor continuously assesses weight and promptly halts the machine in the presence of any variations, ensuring consistency and excellence. Precise blending of diverse materials is guaranteed with this innovative automation solution. It also drives reductions in labour and operational costs while ensuring unparalleled material quality at the same time.

Ring Frame Auto Piecing (RAP), the fully automated yarn piecing system for Ring spinning machine, receives information on yarn break through YBS (Yarn Breakage Sensor) and travels to the particular spindle and automatically pieces the yarn instantly as a human does. By automating the piecing process, Rap reduces the dependency on skilled labour, streamlines operations and reduces the necessity for extensive training of the piecer. The unique design of RAP makes it compatible for Spinning. Auto Blend LA10 machinery from LMW is a versatile cutting-edge solution which can blend a wide range of materials seamlessly. The solution can effectively blend at ratios up to 99:1, maintaining an impressive blending accuracy level of +/- 1 per cent. [

Mr. Surjit Singh MahajanManaging DirectorStäubli India Pvt. Ltd.  spoke on Stäubli providing advanced weaving solutions for technical fabrics. Stäubli solutions for technical textiles are in operation worldwide & cover nearly every woven application, including the most demanding technical fabrics. Producing technical fabrics such as one-piece woven (OPW) airbags, custom fabrics for lightweight construction, and artificial grass is subject to the highest demands, and these are fully met by the company’s broad range of solutions for an efficient weaving process. The New Stäubli TF Series Weaving Systems for Technical Textiles features modular designs and allows individual configuration.

In Automotive – highest quality without compromise is the standard: In Automotive, two types of airbags are produced today: one-piece woven (OPW) airbags in custom formats and conventional airbags consisting of two sheets of fabric sewn into one bag. Stäubli offers solutions for both.

Healthcare applications are subject to very high-quality standard and this is where Stäubli with its SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines excels, e.g. with equipment for weaving ultra-fine filters for complex medical systems that temporarily replace heart and lung functions during open-heart surgery. Such filters are the result of purpose-optimized weave structures and are made of very fine monofilaments, typically polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA). With the SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in system, weaving mills can count on efficient drawing in of warps for these purpose-optimized fabrics.


Sustainability: Their Textile designs products with high longevity and the recycling potential of this machine family is over 97%. Furthermore, their PRO range of Jacquard machines are at the forefront of reducing energy consumption: Featuring 30 % reduced energy consumption.

Mr. M S Dadu, Chairman ColorJet India Limited, expressed his gratitude to Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji for applauding ColorJet ‘Made in India’ Technological Advancement when he graced ColorJet’s stall at BHARAT TEX 2024. During his visit, Prime Minister Modi engaged with ColorJet’s representatives and expressed particular interest in the Indian-made technology in digital textile printing. Impressed by the ‘Made in India, made for the world’ machines, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji  appreciated ColorJet’s efforts in taking Indian innovations to the global stage.

ColorJet remains dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering indigenous innovation to support India’s growth and development goals. It has been instrumental in representing India’s innovative technological advancements in the global arena. It has been preserving the rich Indian textile heritage with its digital textile printing machines and making them useful for today’s generations. Colorjet solidifies its position as a game–changer in the digital textile printing landscape. As one of the top global exporters of wide-format digital textile printers, they have revolutionized the industry, offering robust performance, minimal downtime, high-value addition, and quick return on investment.

Dr. Franco Bonello, Managing DirectorVandewiele – Savio India Pvt. Ltd said SAVIO has always acted as technological leader and innovative   player in the textile machinery industry. Innovation, technology, and customer centricity are drivers for developing new products at Savio.

Focus areas for the Savio R&D:                         

  • Machine Learning For Preventive Maintenance:  Machines can Give Automatically Inputs To Service For Asking Intervention Or Spare Parts
  • AI For Quality Monitoring:  Complete Traceability Of Incoming And Outgoing Yarn.

  • Enhance Software For Data Analysis:  Plenty of data can enable to take decisions for better Productivity, Efficiency, Quality in the spinning mill.

The new Lybra Smart spinner marks the debut of Savio into the airjet spinning, a very competitive yarn and fast-growing spinning technology that in which there is still a very limited offer in terms of machinery options. It will bring the much needed innovation and will offer unique spinning options such has Multiblend which enhances the versality and simplifies the operations in the backprocess. As far as post-spinning in concerned, Savio offers its well established families of Two-for-One twisters, Sirius and Cosmos. Both models, very popular in India where they are made, have been continuously improved and updated. The variant with Duo-Pot feeding allows to skip the yarn assembly preparation as the machine can be loaded directly with conical packages straight from the automatic winder.

Mr. Hisahiro Koketsu, Managing Director, Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltdsaid “Safety First, Quality Second, Production Third” is the fundamental philosophy of KTTM, emanating from its parent company Toyota Industries Corporation, Japan.

KTTM has a capacity to produce 65,000 spindles/monthcustomised to suit each spinner’s requirement at its manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. They also spoke about their global model RX 300 for India market that has provided versatility and high reliability. In the current volatile market condition, has been able to utilise 95% of its capacity and making continuous efforts to improve its global imprint. KTTM has launched Toyota’s flagship and universally acclaimed “Roving machine FL 200” to the Indian domestic market.

The key highlights of the session were summarized by Mr. Avinash Mayekar, MD, Suvin Expo LLP

  • LMW is introducing a Control Room system for Spinning plants to take care of complete data management for productivity and quality – at high production rates.

  • STAUBLI will be taking a step forward to supply their own modern technical textile weaving machines for advanced textiles – innovative need-of-the-hour technology.

  • COLORJET is already delivering machines that take care of any of the substrates and aiming to supply complete solutions for digital sustainable printing – a sustainable advanced solution.

  • SAVIO is way ahead in developing the combination of Assembly winder and TFO twisting machines to eliminate assembly winding machines for production – an Automated advanced technology.

  • KTTM is working on establishing new technology developments for India – HELIX Machine  (Spinning Machinery without Rings ) – cutting-edge technology in line with recent trends in the textile industry.

Efficient, Quality, Green, sustainable, economical, circular, and renewable are the green signals for textile ventures going forward. The technology is all set & adapted ready to provide cutting-edge technology to textile businesses that will assist them in meeting the 4x growth of India’s textile landscape by 2030.

India ITME Society remains trusted partner to present and promote Textile Engineering Industry of India, facilitating Brand building & Customer connect for machinery manufacturers not only in India but also across the Globe.