Urge For An Exclusive Bank To Cater To Needs Of Weavers

Needs Of WeaversTo revive the handloom industry and protect the interests of weavers, the Weavers’ Protection Committee has urged the government to take step for establishing an exclusive bank to cater to their needs.

Yemmiganur and Adoni towns were predominantly inhabited by weaver families and they are leading a miserable life since the collapse of the cottage industry. The association drew the attention of the government to the need for improving the designs and quality in order to tap the export market. Service centres were desired to provide raw materials at a subsidized cost and also train the weavers in the latest skills.

A polytechnic was sought in Textile and Handloom Technology at Yemmiganur to promote the industrial activity in the area and produce skilled labour needed for the industry.

The Association also urged the government to apply NREGS scheme to support weavers by granting them wages under the scheme.

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