Solar Power Plants setup to fulfil power needs in Maharashtra

Solar Power Plants setup to fulfill power needs in Maharashtra

A new Textile Policy was framed in the Budget 2018 stating that the government will pay Rs.3 per unit power subsidy to the spinning mills for 3 years, the Maharashtra Textile department official quoted. Maharashtra state government has formed a panel to set up solar power plants to boost the cooperative spinning mills and textile units.

The panel will be in-charge for formulating the criteria for declaring which units are eligible for subsidy, finalising the details of the subsidy and planning the implementation process among other things within the next two months.

The subsidy is also being given to other textiles projects. These cooperative spinning mills and textile projects are expected to set up other power projects as complementary power sources. Every year the subsidy will be renewed, an official said. Spinning mills are incurring losses due to higher power tariffs in Maharashtra than any other states. Thus, Maharashtra Textile department is encouraging mills to turn to solar power plants to fulfill their power needs while minimizing their bills.

The head of the committee will be the Textile director, which also comprise an official from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company and the director general of the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency.

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