Adidas to open 5 Stadium theme inspired stores in India

Adidas to open 5 Stadium theme inspired stores in India

Inspired by top stadiums and house interactive zones, leading German sports label, Adidas has planned to setup five new Stadium theme stores in India by the end of this year. Such concept stores of Adidas are operational in key markets – UK, US, France, Japan and South Korea, already. Recently, the brand has opened a stadium based store in Delhi on May 19, 2018.

To attract sports enthusiasts and fitness-conscious consumers, Manish Sapra, Senior DTC Director, Global Sales – Retail, Adidas said, “The plan is to open 4-5 stores in stadium format in India this year and we will expand this project from next year on a larger scale.”

Manish further added that Adidas will look at the lifecycle of each of its existing performance store in next 2-3 years and will transform them into the stadium format accordingly. He terms the stadium format as a global concept.

“Firstly, the primary focus of such theme stores will be on categories such as fitness, running and football and Secondly, there will be a huge focus on women’s category,” Sean Van Wyk, Senior MD, Adidas India said.

In India, Adidas recorded a 22 per cent growth in revenue to Rs. 1,100 crores in FY 2016-17 due to 80 per cent of its stores in India are performance wear stores. The addition of such concept stores will further boost up the sales of the German sportswear brand in the country.

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