Radiation Safe Maternity Clothing By ‘Napius’

Radiation Safe Maternity Clothing By 'Napius'The newly launched Indian maternity clothing brand ‘House of Napius’ has unveiled a revolutionary line of radiation safe garments that can prevent expectant mothers from the harmful hazards of radiation emitting electronics sources.

Using the Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Shielding Alternatives (NESA) technology, the collection has been made with a specially created yarn which absorbs and converts harmful radiations from cell phone and FM towers, mobile phones, wifi routers, bluetooth devices, laptops and microwaves into harmless energy and releases them back to the environment.

A balanced combination of style, ease, comfort and technology, the affordably priced range features a colourful array of officewear, daily and night wear, as well as cocktail dresses including maxis, leggings, tops, pants, skirts and yoga apparels.

Commenting on the collection, brand founder director, Nehal Mehta said, “The House of Napius maternity clothing collection is our contribution to a socially responsible movement towards a healthy living for all.”

“When we began House of Napius our main thought was how can we create a business that is better for humanity? With partners like NESA we have been able to achieve some of that dream, as we extend radiation safe apparel to kidswear, and women’s and men’s wear,” she added.

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