Indian Team Meets Perusian Firms At Peru Fair

Indian Team Meets Perusian Firms At Peru FairA 20-member Indian delegation met more than 350 Peruvian entrepreneurs at a recent two-day handicraft Exhibition and buyer-seller meet in Peru.

“Altogether 108 Peruvian companies had participated in the event by showcasing handicraft products like garments, carpets, accessories, jewelry, etc,” according to media reports there.

Peruvian enterprises exhibited PPPP Design, Carlo T Camusso, Plumas, Ambians, DIB Peru and brands such as Applauzi and Rip Curl. The event was organised by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), the Indian Embassy in Lima and the Lima Chamber of Commerce.

The exhibition and buyer-seller meet enabled participants to showcase products like women’s clothing, handbags, carpets, curtains and decorative items, among many other products

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