Partnership with Walmart and Google to Take on Competition

Partnership with Walmart and Google to Take on Competition

Walmart entered a partnership with Google to make its products easily accessible on the latter’s online shopping mall ‘Google Express’.

“Coming September hundreds of thousands of goods being sold by Walmart will be available for voice shopping via Google Assistant – the largest number of items currently offered by a retailer through the platform,” Marc Lore, President, Walmart said.

Google Express already permits consumers to buy products of various brands like Target, Costco and the pharmacy Walgreen’s.

This move will give a tough fight to the e-commerce giant Amazon which has been its biggest arch rival. Amazon has already started a process to try its hands in brick and mortar space with its planned acquisition of supermarket chain, Whole Foods. It appears that both e-commerce biggies are trying to keep their score a level up from the other.

Walmart has been lagging behind Amazon in online dominance. Despite a better than expected number in the third quarter, Walmart could not beat Amazon in terms of growth.

The retailer now aims to increase sales further through the new voice shopping facility (by Google), coupled with free two-day shipping and the pickup discount.

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