& NIKEiD to Deliver Products in India & NIKEiD to Deliver Products in India

The world’s leading designer, marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic apparel, footwear and accessories, Nike has announced that ‘’ is now delivering to consumers in India. The company’s popular and highly-rated global service NIKEiD that allows customers to give a personal touch to Nike products has also been introduced in the country.

Indian consumers will have complete and immediate access to the best of Nike’s products across categories like running, football, young athletes, tennis, women’s training, Nike sportswear, basketball, Jordan and men’s training with this portal.

NIKEiD allows consumers to design and customise their own Nike merchandise to turn it into a unique and personal product. Consumers can also expect regular updates including expanded colour options and added product lines exclusive to, said the company in an official statement. serves as a link to combine products to the Nike+ ecosystem. Consumers can connect to the Nike+ Community through as well as through the Nike+ apps. They can shop on for looks they have discovered on the Nike+ apps, and also look out for live experiences available on the company’s web portal.

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