GEAR Aims To Promote Brand Jaipur

GEAR Aims to Promote Brand Jaipur

The Garment Exporters Association of Rajasthan (GEAR) has recently elected its new and comparatively young team. As it was the first time that there was serious election for the association with exporters actively involved in the process.

The new team realized that now they have to perform and work unitedly for the upliftment of the exporters of Jaipur/Rajasthan most of whom are small and medium level businessmen. Ravi Poddar, the newly elected president of GEAR and partner of Cheer Sagar, one of the principal export houses of Jaipur, shares his vision for the exporters of Rajasthan.

With the vision to develop ‘Brand Jaipur’ and work unitedly for the growth of each member, the new team has prepared the blueprint for its tenure (two years), and the strategy is to work aggressively on two fronts – external as well as internal. The team has already met the city’s MP, Minister of Industries and senior management of RIICO for better synergy of ideas.

“Our core agenda for this exercise was to get sanction for land to start a training centre as this issue is pending from last 4 to 5 years. The government has assured us in this regard and soon we will see some solid results in this direction,” Poddar said.

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