Manyavar inaugurates its 341st Store in 133th City of the World

Manyavar is a brand specially designed for men. Manyavar is equal to being ethnic in attiring. Manyavar designs the best ethnic wear as compared to others brands like  Sherwani, Indo-Western and Kurtas. Other than the ethnic wears they also design party wears and accessories. The brand has the best designers and artists who are perfectionists and the masters in there work. They have the production capability of more the 1 million unit of apparels, which is ten times more then there closest competitor. Every Manyavar is an idea empowered by the help of technology. The inspiration and command come by the uniqueness of the apparels designed by the Manyavar.

Manyavar Sarwani
Manyavar Sarwani

Manyavar is not just the men’s wear brand, it is the most visible men’s wear brand in the country. Manyavar has just inaugurated its 341st  store in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is spreading like fire in the country and outside as well. The founder of Manyavar “Mr. Ravi Modi” is the first generation Entrepreneur. Shilpi Modi is the Chief Visualizer who leads the merchandise and design team of Manyavar.  They promote there brand through advertisements on Television, Internet, Peripheral Media, etc. They say for their customer – Manyavar is more than something to wear, it is a relation they wear.

Manyavar is spreading its circle by opening there brand stores in different cities of the country and world. They have 341 store of Manyavar in total including India, Bangladesh and Dubai. They have a plan to open 500 + store including USA,  UK, Middle East. They have their first International Store in Dubai.

The 341st store which is inaugurated in Hyderabad is the 22nd store in city and the 35th store in the state.  Manyavar designs the terrific collection to suit and enrich every  occasion. And they offer to create everlasting signatures of respect and fashion.

Other than dresses Manyavar design Accessories to decorate you for the occasion using scarfs, dupattas, broaches,  jackets, juti and many more. Manyavar also makes the bride groom ready by designing the dresses according to the requirement.

Manyavar is a signature which reflects the technology, intense research, ideas, bench marking and craftsmanship. In Indian weddings the bride and groom adore Manyavar. Manyavar is ready to decorate the bride-grooms worldwide by opening 500+ Exclusive Brand Outlets world wide by 2015-2016.