DKNY Launches Fashion Collection For Ramadan

DKNY – Donna Karan New York has launched an alluring fashion collection for Ramadan which is the 9th month of Islamic calendar. The collection involves summer staples with a traditional yet modern cant. These collections include floor-length dresses, bright maxi dresses, evening jackets, printed tops. The collection consists of bold colors and beautiful prints that make the look of the dress beautiful. This collection is available in the stores in the Middle-East.


This collection is styled and modeled by fashion editor of Kuwaiti-Yalda Golsharifi and Dubai-based famous fashion designer Tamara Al Gabbani. Both of them are popular Middle-Eastern Bloggers. This marks the first territorial collection and crusade for the New-York based brand.

Certain concerns were raised regarding the collection in which some people questioned -whether DNKY deal is going against the ethics placed out during Ramadan which includes fasting, prayers.

But Bina Shah, famous Pakistani writer said “As long as religious requirements are met,there’s no harm in buying something beautiful to celebrate a month.”

Ramadan may be devoted for praying, fasting and other holy practices but Muslims are embossed to celebrate it that will bring joy, happiness in the entire month.

Some looks from this collection are –


DKNY is famous for fashion goods for men, women and children. It is well known for its fashion, leather goods and watches. DKNY the New York based Fashion Label has launched this Fabulous collection in the very special month of Ramadan and its beautiful.

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The store of DNKY was opened in London in the year 1997 and New York City in 1999.DKNY headquarter is situated at 550 Seventy Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Globally there are 70 Donna Karan collection and DNKY stores at present including twenty stores in China, Hong Kong and Shanghai, two stores located in Canada and four in Dubai. Some stores of DNKY are also present in Denmark.

Donna and Karan has also offered online shopping of its DKNY products and related lines at the label’s website. Products of DKNY include DNKY shoes, accessories, baby clothing,menswear,women wear.