Manas, an Initiative by Manyavar

Manas, An Initiative By Manyavar

In its benevolent approach towards society, the ethnic wear giant Manyavar introduced Manas.

Manas foundation is a non-profit, private charitable organisation to help children with heart ailments, conduct surgeries and treat congenital heart disease.  It funds 500 heart surgeries every year.

This Valentine’s Day, Manyavar will donate Rs. 50 for each Facebook post & page like and Twitter & instagram follow. ‘Your one simple click can help children in hospitals. Please forward this email to friends and family or share the above post. We are counting likes from now until 2300 hours February 14.’

At the same time, Manyavar continued its business expansion programme with opening 414th store in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu.

This is its first store in Tirupur and 15th in Tamil Nadu. The brand is now spread over 160 cities in the world.