Colorjet Introduces Eco Friendly Digital Textile Printer

Colorjet Introduces Eco Friendly Digital Textile Printer

Textile industry is changing rapidly. Colorjet introduces eco friendly digital textile printer because of demand for digitally printed fabric is growing and the focus on environmental awareness increasing. The recent “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” initiative by the centre has also added in a big way towards ecological sustainability.

Traditionally, printing through all other inks or whether through screen or digital, a square metre of fabric consumes approximately 100 litres of water till finishing. Major pollutants in wastewater are highly suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, acidity etc. This water if not being treated becomes waste and pollutes the environment.

It is time for an innovative change in the way industry print on textiles. Challenging the industry status quo is Colorjet’s goal by way of introducing a groundbreaking eco-friendly digital textile printing machine using water based pigment inks at GTE 2016, held in New Delhi.

Fabjet Grand is a commercial grade 3.2 metres or 126 inch wide digital textile printer and uses water based pigment ink. The Fabjet Grand is suitable for the customised home furnishing textile segment, particularly for producers of home décor products like curtains, bed covers and sofa covers, which are directly printed on cotton and polyester-based fabrics.

The printer Colorjet delivers high productivity enabling high daily printing volumes and outstanding runnability for overnight printing without bending and color deflection.


Advantages of the eco-friendly Fabjet Grand are manifold, which include – Suitable for all types of fabric, whether natural, synthetic or blends, Printing using Pigment Inks eliminating the need for any additional process such as pretreatment/coating, steaming and washing steps thus eliminating energy and water consuming steps. The time required for finishing apparently becomes negligible since no post process after printing is required thus time to market get shortens, Centralisation of printing sites, close to fashion district or to customers, Fabjet Grand is an investment which creates the economies of scale since no other process is involved and the printing can be done directly on the fabric, according to a company release.