Katrina Kaif Named Brand Endorser For Uniqlo New Collection

Katrina Kaif Named Brand Endorser For Uniqlo New Collection

Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif has been named as the brand endorser and will star in the 2024 Spring/Summer campaign titled ‘Summers are for Linen’ of global apparel retailer Uniqlo.

Katrina Kaif will be seen in a campaign film across digital and offline channels, modeling the Linen Collection and embodying the brand’s LifeWear values of authenticity, diversity, and timelessness.

The Spring/Summer campaign showcases Katrina enjoying a quintessential summer in comfort and style.

From walking with friends along the beach to tranquil moments spent at home and taking a stroll in nature, the campaign captures the essence of the season through the collection.

“During hot summers, breathable and lightweight fabrics are a necessity. Uniqlo’s Linen is fantastic at keeping me both comfortable and cool through the day,” Katrina Kaif said.

“I also love that this collection is so versatile and offers timeless style for anywhere – whether I’m at work or enjoying my day at home,” she added.

“We are excited to welcome the season with the launch of our ‘Summers are for Linen’ campaign, featuring our Brand Endorser, Katrina Kaif,” Nidhi Rastogi, Marketing Director at Uniqlo India said.

“We are positive that the versatility of the Linen collection, celebrated with Katrina’s timeless charm and elegance, will resonate with our customers,” he too added.

The film showcases her wearing vibrant linen apparel, including linen shirts, cotton tapered pants, and jumpsuits.

Through a montage of summer scenes, viewers can appreciate the comfort and versatility of everyday wear that embodies the philosophy of LifeWear.



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