Irony to Increase Production for New Markets

IronyApparel brand ‘Irony’ is planning to increase production of cotton trousers for exploring new markets like Uttar Pradesh. It also plans to go online with its range to tap new customers.

Mr. Venkatesh Yedidha (Venky), managing director of Irony, feels the garment industry is having good growth. “Business is increasing in malls. It’s no longer in a good shape in small shops. People prefer malls where they can hang out and where there’s something for everyone. Business has shifted from small shops to malls. The main challenge I face now is that of production. I have to upgrade my infrastructure and have to increase capacity,” Mr. Yedidha said.

The brand is now in 10 states, including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Punjab and Gujarat. The best markets for the brand are Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Mr. Yedidha feels that the casual market has grown and people want fashion and that is something only casual wear can give them. “Formals can’t. People of all ages these days want casuals, when I say casuals; I include jeans and cotton trousers under the segment.”

For winter, Irony has unveiled denim and cotton collection in pastel shades. Cotton trousers have become fashionable. Sighting demand, the company plans to increase production of cotton trousers. It will also introduce shirts for winter with a price of Rs 1,550 onwards, Mr. Yedidha added.