INVISTA Launches New LYCRA® Brand Campaign

INVISTAINVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® fiber brand and one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibers and polymers, has launched its new consumer Campaign. This initiative and associated co-branding and merchandising opportunities are now available to trade partners at a new business-to-business

The new consumer campaign is the outcome of a two-year, multi-market research programme. Its LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ theme reinforces the emotional link millions of consumers have developed with the brand and its association with comfort and personal freedom across a wide range of garments.

Mr. Denise Sakuma LYCRA® brand global director said, “We are excited to cause a LYCRA® brand movement at both trade and consumer levels globally. The LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign is the perfect message platform to communicate for the first time to consumers that LYCRA® is a brand of a fiber and THE magic component that gives wearers fit, comfort and the freedom to move. We are making the LYCRA® brand and fiber to be visible to consumers physically, emotionally and creatively.”

The added value and benefits of LYCRA® fiber will be signaled to consumers through new hang-tags and brand imagery. The iconic LYCRA® brand logo is supported by vibrant, versatile new imagery and designs in a range of stylish retail merchandising and advertising materials articulated through the campaign LYCRA® MOVES YOU™