Indian Apparel Shopping Trends: Why 47% of Fashionistas Still Flock to Physical Stores?

Indian Apparel Shopping Trends: Why 47% of Fashionistas Still Flock to Physical Stores?

A recently done survey reveals that four percent of Indian households exclusively purchase their apparels through ecommerce websites.

“However the good news for brick and mortar stores is that almost half or 47 percent of respondents still visit stores since they are able to try and then purchase garments,” a survey done by LocalCircles informs.

40 percent of respondents indicated that their shopping is a good mix of brick and mortar stores and ecommerce purchases, while nine percent said that their clothing is customised or stitched by a tailor.

The respondents responded to a simple question as to how their household bought garments.

Among the four percent or 11,632 respondents who only purchase online, 37 percent quoted better discounts, while 29 percent named ease of exchange, return and refunds.

26 percent indicated more choice and options, while 11 percent cited miscellaneous other reasons for exclusively shopping online.

Of all those who still purchase clothing from offline stores, the touch, feel and try facility in stores was the primary reason for 81 percent respondents.

While 44 percent cited a better selection in physical stores and 28 percent quoted the ability to get the apparel instantly and the same number cited the ability to bargain, while nine percent named other reasons.

“Though the pandemic led to increased adoption of buying apparel online, once again the physical stores are being preferred by people for buying clothes,” the report stated.

Since some online stores charge convenience fee and other charges like delivery and in some cases even a return fee being levied by some platforms, respondents see them as barriers.

“Unless the discounts offered stay high, which they have been in the last few years, there is a high chance that online apparel buying will stagnate or see slow growth in India,” the report stated.