Eshopbox Inaugurates Fulfilment Centre for Brands in Mumbai

Eshopbox Inaugurates Fulfilment Centre for Brands in Mumbai

Eshopbox, an e-commerce fulfilment and technology firm for enterprise brands, has announced the launch of its state of the art Fulfilment Center (FC) in Mumbai recently. With this launch, Eshopbox operations now cover the western region of India, encompassing the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa and Gujarat.

The Eshopbox team has been managing online selling, fulfilment and delivery for over a hundred brands and till date, it has managed products worth more than INR 1 billion, listed on 20+ Online Selling Channels for more than 125 companies. Fulfilment has been a part of their offering to brands. “Fulfillment is an essential part of the E-commerce lifecycle. If an order is not packed and delivered in time, the resulting delay affects the customer’s post-purchase experience and can prove to be very costly for the brand”, Mayur Karwa, Co-founder and Director said. It is this focus on fast fulfilment that has led Eshopbox to launch its Mumbai FC.

Fulfilment centers are where the physical operations behind E-commerce take place. From storing products and tracking all incoming orders to packing the product and delivery, everything that happens after you place an order online is taken care of at a fulfilment center. Smoothly managing this part of E-commerce is what differentiates successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. “A good-looking website doesn’t help if the product you order doesn’t arrive on time”, opines Pawan Kumar, Senior Analyst. “That’s where fulfilment comes in.”

An important aspect of Fulfillment is the Regionalisation of inventory. A brand needs to have its inventory ready and present in FCs in different regions. Without ensuring adequate distribution of inventory across regions, it is impossible to manage timely fulfilment to customers in all areas of the country. With the launch of the new Mumbai fulfilment center, Eshopbox covers the North, West and South zones of the country giving their operations a larger nationwide footprint.

The new Mumbai center has an area of 12,000 Square feet and can securely store over 2,00,000 units. The Mumbai center also has the following features:

  • Same-day order processing: Orders sent to the FC before the standard cutoff time are shipped same day, guaranteed.
  • Carrier options & order optimisation: Use regional, national and postal solutions to access desired service levels. Reduce costs with intelligent carrier optimisation.
  • Return Processing and Claims: Efficiently process all incoming returns to minimise customer fatigue.
  • Decentralised Inventory: Store inventory near your customers and retailer partners to save on shipping costs and time in transit.

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