DONEAR Curates 15,000 all-in-one Retailer Kit across India

DONEAR Curates 15,000 all-in-one Retailer Kit across India

Donear Industries, the largest branded fabric manufacturer curated an all-in-one retailer kit for its retailers in 25 regions all across India. In totality, 15,000 kits were shared and the whole exercise was a major success nationally. The brand is setting new standards and building new bonds in the Retail world.

The All-In-One Retailer Kit contained essential items as mentioned below:

  • Umbrella
  • Pass Holders
  • Pocket Diaries
  • Posters and stickers of brands, namely Donear, Graviera, D’cot, NXG and the recently launched power brand, Grado from The House of GBTL-Grasim & from The House of OCM.
  • Matching plates with celebrity faces

The national activation took place in 25 regions which included leading retail locations across India- West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa to name a few states.

A never before an attempt by any textile brand, the activation was undertaken to highlight the amalgamation and strengthen the bond between the brand and its retailers directly, thus enhancing the relationship in the process. The purpose of gifting product-related items was to communicate the powerful message that the brand cares about its business and the retailers play a major role in the same, thus making them equal partners in the venture. It is necessary to establish the alignment of business objectives of the brand and its retailers for great execution of work and the engagement, along with the reactions received for the activation, have confirmed the same.

Pleased with the activation, Mr. Rajendra Agarwal, Mentor, said “A brand and its retailers work hand in hand to ensure that our products reach the customers via the right channels and it is a constant endeavour to build and enhance a smooth relationship with our retailers. We created these kits to show our appreciation for their work as well as draw emphasis on the synergy and teamwork as a collective effort of them and our brand. It is necessary to let them know that we are serious about our products, business and that they play a key role in the entire process. ”

Speaking about the essence of activation, Mr. S Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, GBTL Ltd, said “Our Group understands Retailers well. Their retail shop is the key for us to reach the consumer, as most of the buying decisions happen at the point of purchase. At the same time, the collateral we send, should be comfortable to the retailer and help him increase sales. Hence, the motive was to engage the customer at the retail counter with pleasing, impactful messages; and simultaneously, help retailers through innovative selling support such as than separators, matching plates etc. Additionally, consistent communication is of prime importance to us – our Group regularly communicates with customers through WhatsApp and other media, apart from at the point of purchase, and both online & on the ground”.

Speaking about the importance of bridge-building, Mr. Vikram Mahaldar, Managing Director, OCM, said “The intention of building brand salience is to establish an ongoing relationship with the customer and build share of mind. With this premise, GRADO delved into a full-fledged Marketing plan. The prime motive was to connect with the end-customer through their purchase/ retail cycle (i.e. during awareness, consideration, purchase). Firstly, awareness has been built through TV & contests, digital media, hoardings and print advertising. Then, good customer engagement demands strengthening marketing presence at points of consideration/ purchase – at the retail counters. Therefore, the retail kit was conceived, for an opportunity to boost engagement through posters, matching plates, stickers etc. We’re the pioneers in the industry for reaching out to the breadth of the nation through this kit. With new and innovative marketing strategies, we are quickly gaining the first mover advantage and establishing greater brand recall.”

The responses by the retailers have been phenomenal, thus cementing a positive relationship between the two parties.

Overjoyed by the activation, Mr. Akash, from ‘Akash Saree Centre’, Bihar, said “I liked the way the company took the initiative to connect with us. This is the 1st time any company has to send the kit directly to us. Customers are using the Fabric matching plate while selecting the fabric”.

Delighted with the kit, Mr. Rajendar Singh from ‘Raj Laxmi Showroom’, Karnataka, said “The elements of the kit are very good, we are giving the pocket diaries to our customers and they are happy to receive them.  I liked how the company is taking the effort to reach us”.

Highlighting the visual appeal, Mr. Rakesh Kumar from ‘Jyoti Cloth House’, Himachal Pradesh, said: “I am very happy to receive the retailer kit, I have already installed all the elements and they are enhancing the look of my store”.

Appreciating the initiative, Mr. Ramesh Gohil from Apex Fabrics, Gujarat, said “The retailer kit came as a big surprise. It had all the elements needed for our store. We have installed all the elements, especially fabric matching plate and pen stand”.

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