Cannello Premium Fabric Launches by RSWM Ltd.

The flagship company of LNJ Bhilwara Group, RSWM Limited has launched a luxury suitings and shirtings fabric brand ‘Cannello’. The Italian inspired brand will be marketed by Mayur Suitings—one of country’s leading brands and flagship brand of RSWM.

“Our consistent focus on cutting edge research and technology has resulted in pioneering new products that will set a new benchmark in the Indian fashion industry. Cannello is a premium fabric product designed for elite customers. It contains the flavour of fashion and style,” Prabir Bandyopadhyay, CEO of RSWM said.

The new age Cannello has several features like tweed for winter jacketing with warmth of pure wool, polywool for all season fabric for trousers and suits, terry rayon for best high class suits and party wear which gives a super soft and elegant look, and Giza cotton that provides super softness.

“Inspired by the fashion houses of Italy, this premium suitings and shirtings fabric will elevate Mayur’s stature to heights at par with the best internationally,” RK Chaudhary, marketing advisor of Mayur Suitings said.

“Crafted with the choicest selection of wool, cottons from Giza and terry rayon blends, Cannello is certainly a new benchmark in Indian fashion, the classy-meets-edgy creations that are the toast of fashion ramps from Milan to Paris,” Chaudhary added.

– Indian Apparel, Apparel Talk