ZODIAC Presents The 2024 Positano Pure Linen Shirts Collection

ZODIAC Presents The 2024 Positano Pure Linen Shirts Collection

Linen is one of the oldest fibers used in textile weaving. Woven from the stem of the Flax plant, it is recognized as the world’s strongest natural fiber. The weave of the Linen fabric ensures air moves freely, making it an ideal summer garment.

ZODIAC uses Linen that is woven from Flax grown in the Normandy region of France, which is amongst the best quality in the world. The unique soil & climatic conditions of this region, coupled with generations of expertise inherited by the local Flax growers, result in taller, more slender flax plants, which results in very high-quality Linen fabric.

Linen shirts become more comfortable with every wash & wear. In fact, the sophisticated, naturally wrinkled appearance only adds to the elegance of your summer look.

The 2024 Positano Pure Linen Collection:

The color palette of this collection reflects the mesmerizing sight of Positano, a quaint town situated at the Amalfi Coast on the Italian Riviera – beige, pink, yellow & terracotta houses cascading down the side of hills to the crystal blue Mediterranean waters.

They are available in a wide range of solids, stripes & checks in both short & long sleeves and can be paired with ZODIAC Linen Jackets, Trousers & Bandhgalas for a very elegant ensemble.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Salman Noorani (Vice Chairman & M.D. ZCCL*) said, “The colors of shirts in ZODIAC’s 2024 Positano Collection showcase the hues of the Italian Riviera in the Linen fabrics woven from French flax.”

To Preview ZODIAC’s 2024 Positano Collection, Shop Online: ZODIAC Linen Collection

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