Zero Gravity & Shower Clean Jackets By Park Avenue

Park AvenuePark Avenue’s latest offering “Zero Gravity”, is an innovation that aims to cater to men who are always on the move. Zero Gravity is a lightweight jacket that doesn’t feel too ponderous on the shoulders also five jackets can be easily packed in a suitcase. The Jacket tries to comply with all the essentialities of men – save time, money and space, and provide comfort and care at the same time, according to Hetal Kotak, company’s brand director.

The brand is made of wool fabric that is wrinkle-resistant. Park Avenue is one of several brands that are now promoting the “cool wool” mantra, desperately trying to dispel the myth that wool cannot keep you cool. The wool is such it does provide warmth, but doesn’t make one sweat at the same time. Also, the Zero Gravity is 30-40 per cent lighter than a normal jacket.

In spite of what the maker claims to be a wrinkle-resistant fabric, the jacket does crumple after a while, giving it a somewhat ungainly look. And, since it is cotton – not linen – it doesn’t look quite exquisite even in its crushed state. Also, for it to be ready to wear while you’re travelling, the ironing has to be impeccable before it is packed into the suitcase.

The Zero Gravity is primarily a formal jacket. But for those who wish to appear prim even in the sultry summer, the Zero Gravity can prove to be a reliable companion. The range for the “floating” jacket starts from Rs 10,000.

For somebody who has made an annoying habit of spilling food on his clothes, Park Avenue’s second offering in its travel-friendly series is the Shower Clean Jacket. It is an easy maintenance jacket that can withstand day-to-day stains. It is a water and soil-resistant jacket that can handle simple stains. The jacket enables to wash off stains simply by daubing some water on it. Park Avenue, along with the jacket, has also come out with the Shower Clean Trousers in blue, black and grey shades.

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