YARNEX, TEXINDIA, and INDIGO Expo Inaugurated: Over 157 Leading Supply Chain Partners Unite In Kolkata’s Premier Textile Showcase

The YARNEX, TEXINDIA, and INDIGO Expo, a distinguished trio of trade shows, has made a spectacular debut at Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan, Kolkata. This premier event, expertly organized by Mr. Krishnamurti of S S Textile Media Pvt Ltd, showcases the latest trends in fabrics, accessories, yarns, and a plethora of related products, bringing a new wave of innovation to the apparel and textile industries.

Graced by the presence of luminaries such as Shri Hari Kishan Rathi, President of the West Bengal Garment Manufacturers & Dealers Association (WBGMDA), Shri Devendra Baid, Secretary, Shri Mahendra Jain, President of CHAMBER OF TEXTILE TRADE & INDUSTRY [COTTI] Kolkata, and Shri Devendra Bothra, Secretary, the event Was inaugurated by Shri Hari Kishan Rathi, President, which marked a significant moment for industry stakeholders.

The expo features an impressive lineup of 157 leading supply chain partners from across India, highlighting the country’s robust textile industry. Notable participants include Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd, Vardhman Textiles Ltd, Ace Label World, KG Denim Ltd, Goldstar Fabrics Pvt Ltd, and many more, showcasing a rich diversity of products.

Attendees at the event are treated to an extensive display encompassing Fibers, Weaving Yarns, Knitting Yarns, Home Textile Yarns, Apparel Fabrics, Denim & Jeans, Trims & Embellishment, and Contract Manufacturers, catering to the varied needs of the textile industry.

The YARNEX, TEXINDIA, and INDIGO Expo has already been hailed as a resounding success, drawing industry experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike. It stands not just as a showcase of the latest textile trends but also as a vibrant platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering future innovations in the field.

The event is set to continue till January 20, 2024, promising more opportunities for participants to engage with the latest in textile technology and industry insights.

Event Details:
– Expo Name: YARNEX, TEXINDIA, and INDIGO Expo
– Date: January 18-20, 2024
– Venue: Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan, Kolkata

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