Workshop for Tajik Apparel Makers in Singapore by ITC

WORKSHOP BY ITCThe International Trade Centre (ITC), is hosting a workshop on ‘Support Apparel Product Development’ for a delegation of clothing designers and design professors from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, visiting for a study-tour from December one in Singapore.

The workshop will be conducted by Textile and Fashion Industry Training Center Pte Ltd ( (Academy of Fashion Professions). is the training arm of Textile and Fashion Federation. It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry in the region.ITCThe objective of the workshop is to improve design capacities of the participating Tajik and Kyrgyz companies and institutions on textile and clothing through lectures, hands-on activities, studio design visits and visits to major retailers to study, understand and gain exposure in the areas of product design, product development and garment construction.

The visit is organized under the project on Strengthening Export Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in the textile and clothing sector and enhancing trade support institutional capacities in Tajikistan.

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