Workshop on apparel brand development in Bangladesh

Workshop on apparel brand development in Bangladesh

A workshop on the development of apparel brand titled ‘How to build your own apparel brand and directly address European and US Consumers’ will be organised by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) in Dhaka on July 29 to promote the country’s apparel sector. Bangladesh is world’s second largest apparel exporter.

Although the garments produced there are yet to establish their brands in the international market, founder and chief executive officer of BAE Mostafiz Uddin said. The workshop will help the local manufacturers, entrepreneurs and all those associated with the apparel sector to expand their business globally.

Apparel manufacturers and leaders of the textile industry will be participating in the workshop which will throw light on the importance of creating own brands for Bangladesh.

The day long programme will focus on sharing information on the development of Bangladesh’s apparel sector by incorporating new designs to meet the demands of international brands. It will give insight on designing brands and selling directly to western wholesale and end consumers. Further, it will highlight the importance of e-commerce, the modern direct-to-consumer selling method and execution whilst accessing the best resources at the lowest cost enabling the margins to grow significantly.

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