Woolmark Reveals its Latest Innovations

Woolmark Reveals its Latest Innovations

Indian wool manufacturers and partners for the first time had an exclusive opportunity to experience and interact with The Wool Lab Sport, a part of the spring/summer 2018 edition, where the Woolmark Company unveiled its most recent innovations and developments in wool at an information and fashion-forward presentation.

The Wool Lab Sport is the foundation for cutting-edge active wear and showcases latest innovative, commercially available Merino wool fabrics, a perfect mix for performance and at leisure apparel.

In the past decade, wool’s penetration in outdoor and sports apparel market has been remarkable and continues to grow. Riding the wave of increasing trend, at leisure blurs the line between fashion and active wear, with the latter being used in a non-active, casual way with a modern, stylish look.

The Woolmark Company country manager (India), Arti Gudal said that they move into the coming year, their strategy has a strong focus on the sportswear and at leisure segment. The company is currently working on new innovations that truly showcase how versatile Merino wool is in the sportswear category with its very specific requirements.

Merino wool’s natural benefits teamed with technical innovations are driving the demand for the fibre in the active wear market.

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