Witness Digital Transformation for Textile Industry at ZhejiangTex

Witness Digital Transformation for Textile Industry at ZhejiangTex

The upcoming 20th anniversary of Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry (ZhejiangTex 2019) will reach a new height with the support of Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Committee and Yiwu Municipal Government. Under the theme of ‘Smart Textile and Garment Technology – Smart LifeStyle’, ZhejiangTex 2019 will be grandly held on 16-18 May 2019 at Yiwu International Expo Centre in Zhejiang.

Since the global economy has inevitably been affected by the US-China trade war, there is an increased demand for textile and apparel machinery in a number of Southeast Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistan, etc. At the same time, the declining competitiveness of traditional products is widely recognized by the global textile industry, more intelligent equipment and machinery is needed to further expedite the digital transformation of manufacturing, thereby enhance productivity and improve product quality.

Yiwu, surrounded by many textile manufacturer clusters, is a major city for clothing manufacturing in East China’s Zhejiang Province. From 2017 to 2020, the Chinese Government invests approximately RMB 30 million of special funds to facilitate the development of Zhejiang’s industry. Since Yiwu is world famous for its big production of hosiery, knitwear, seamless clothing and textile, attracting numerous of manufacturers in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road to purchase machines and equipment from there. There are around 500,000 foreign merchants source in Yiwu every year.

ZhejiangTex 2019 is committed to providing tremendous business opportunities and fostering new ideas to drive digital transformation for the textile industry. It is expected to gather more than 350 exhibitors to showcase the newest technologies and most innovative products, ranging from raw materials, designs to textile and fashion related products, creating a one-stop information and trading platform to lead the future of textile and fashion industries.

4 Thematic Zones Covering the Whole Industrial Chain of Knitting, Garment and Printing Smart Technologies

ZhejiangTex 2019 will feature four thematic zones include Knitting & Hosiery, Textile Printing Industry, Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery and Knitting Products to cover the entire spectrum of the supply chain. A series of high quality and innovative raw materials, machinery and textile products will be highlighted there, leading the global manufacturers to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘higher value-added and quality products’. The exhibits are as follows:

The 20th China Yiwu International Exhibition for Knitting & Hosiery Machinery: Seamless Underwear Machinery, Knitting and Hosiery Machinery, Flat and Warp Knitting Machinery, Knitting and Weaving Finishers, Packaging Machinery Machinery for Winding, Texturing and Twisting.

The 6th China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Textile Printing Industry: Printing Machinery, Printing Materials, Finished Printed Products, etc.

The 2nd China Yiwu International Trade Fair for Knitting Products: Yarn and Knitted Raw Materials, Underwear, Bras, Swimsuit, Beachwear, Sportswear and Loungewear Hosiery, Gloves, Scarves and Hats, Curtains, Cloth Crafts and Knitted Home Textiles, Laces, Ribbons and Embroidery, Accessories such as Zippers, Straps, Labels, Buttons and Clothes Hangers, etc.

The 9th China Yiwu International Exhibition for Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery: Cutting Machinery, Laser Processing Machinery and CAD/CAM System, Sewing Machines and Accessories, Embroidery and Quilting Machinery, Post-sewing, Conveying and Ironing Equipment, Braiding and Zipper-making Machinery, Logo Printing Machinery.

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