Weavers To Create Design Using Organic Cotton

 Organic CottonSome weaver artisans of the Tamil Nadu Weavers Cooperative Society have decided to create a few designs using organic cotton and natural dyes. The idea came in after interaction with weavers artisans from other states. This will be a huge step for them as they would have to give up elaborate designs and instead settle for simple, plain prints on the saris they weave.

According to T.N. Venkatesh, managing director, Co-optex, it has been a tough task for the officials to change the mindset of the weavers. The weavers has agreed for elaborate designs as it meant more number of days of work and in turn more income. A sari with elaborate motifs would require more man hours than one with simple designs but the latter is a big revenue earner.

Arumugam, a traditional weaver said, “His only concern is that their wages should be regular. We cannot afford to miss even a day’s work.”

M. Karunanidhi and V. Arumugam from Dharamangalam in Salem district of Tamil Nadu have expressed willingness to use naturally dyed cotton if their wages were assured. Normally it takes around two days to weave a sari. But the new varieties they are now weaving consumes less time. But as they are told there is a good clientele and lot of people prefer buying such organic woven fabric they would get paid well and if they increase production they will get more money.

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