VIFW 2014

Vietnam’s First International FW at Ho Chi Minh City

FIDE VIFW 2014Ho Chi Minh City, erstwhile Saigon, will host the inaugural edition of ‘Vietnam International Fashion Week’, slated to take place from December one, 2014.

More than eight acclaimed designers from across the world and nine leading Vietnamese names will feature their exquisite couture pieces at the event, which will be co-hosted by FIDe Fashion Weeks and Multimedia Joint Stock Company. The six-day event will be supported by the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) and French fashion school Atelier Chardon Savard.

Designers like the Paris-based duo Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, as well as the Roman talent Antonio Grimaldi will make their Vietnamese runway debut through the event along with the remaining five ACF members including Korean menswear label Zio Song, Frederick Lee (Singapore), Tamae Hirokawa of Japanese brand SOMARTA, Roj Singhakul from ISSUE (Thailand) and Tsolmandakh Munkhuu (Tsolo Munkh) from Mongolia.


“The Vietnam International Fashion Week heralds a key milestone in Vietnam’s fashion history. The presence of so many international designers alongside those from Vietnam is particularly exciting, it is also an excellent opportunity to encourage and recognise designers who are not afraid to be experimental in their creations, to push their own boundaries amongst other talented avant-garde designers,” chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks, Mr. Frank Cintamani said.