Vananam Launches Ultra-Luxury Fashion Brand Giorvan

Vananam Launches Ultra-Luxury Fashion Brand Giorvan

In a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of ultra luxury fashion, Vananam will launch its new lifestyle apparel brand, Giorvan.

“Set to debut by the end of this year, Giorvan epitomises the fusion of rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge fashion innovation,” a statement from the company said.

“Keshav Inani, Founder of Vananam is set to revolutionise the luxury apparel market by launching Giorvan that leverages his family’s 60-year legacy in textiles,” the statement added.

Giorvan is a bold step forward, blending the rich heritage of Karnataka’s famed textile town, Guledgudd, with modern innovation.

The name itself, a mix of ‘Guledgudd’ and ‘Inani’, highlights this synergy, integrating traditional craftsmanship with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Inani family.

Through Vananam, Keshav is transforming his deep-rooted family knowledge into a global, ultra-luxury brand that promises both quality and sophistication.

Designed by the world’s best, the brand aims to showcase superior and innovative fabric technologies.

“Our commitment is not just to create a brand but to foster a sustainable and ethical fashion ecosystem right here in India,” Keshav Inani said.

“Giorvan will be instrumental in realising the vision of ‘Vikshit Bharat’ by propelling Indian craftsmanship into global limelight, reinforcing the ‘Make in India’ initiative,” he added.

Giorvan promises to bring a fresh perspective to premium fashion categories, blending traditional aesthetics with modern designs that appeal to both domestic and international consumers.

As Vananam continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, its foray into ultra luxury apparel with Giorvan will bring Indian elegance to the global stage and marking a new era in ultra luxury fashion.