Vaani Kapoor Offers An Old Money Bridal Look In A Tarun Tahiliani Sari

Vaani Kapoor Offers An ‘Old Money’ Bridal Look In A Tarun Tahiliani Sari

Vaani Kapoor offers an ‘old money’ aesthetic look that blends glitz with hues, but driving clear of a gaudy appearance in a sari designed by acclaimed fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani.

Vaani Kapoor pays tribute to the intricate artistry involved in creating this classic six-yard multi-coloured sari ensemble which is part of Tarun Tahiliani’s ‘For Eternity’ bridal collection. 

However, Vaani Kapoor’s outfit nailed the balance, infusing a regal aura into a look that is quintessential to Indian fashion. 

Kapoor wore a Kashida sari, an indigenous embroidery technique from Kashmir. This technique typically showcases motifs inspired by the region’s abundant flora and fauna. 

“The sari features intricate paisley needlework, complemented by sequins, kundan, and gota craftsmanship,” Vogue reported. 

The colour palette, ranging from rich greens and mustard yellow to royal blue and deep maroon, each shade possessing a subdued, yet harmonious sheen that collectively enhanced the overall royal aesthetics.

Vaani Kapoor paired the sari with a square-necked blouse featuring a plunging neckline that echoed the intricate details of the sari. 

The beaded tassels on the blouse, draping along her arm, were a perfect match for the tassels on her pallu. 

Vaani accessorised her appearance by arranging her hair in a tidy bun and looked red carpet ready with her highlighted temples, add-on lashes, and nude glossy lips.