Usha Launches First Barbie Sewing Machine

Usha Launches First Barbie Sewing Machine

Usha International, a leading sewing machine manufacture has unveiled India’s first ever sewing machine for children – ‘Usha Janome – My Fab Barbie’. As a first mover in this category, it is a full feature sewing machine launched in association with Mattel Inc, Usha said in a release.

The machine is a unique gifting option for parents. Now young girls and teenagers can express, create and showcase their vivid imagination.

Price at Rs 10,900, the sewing machine comes in a combination of pink and white colors. Featuring charming Barbie doll graphics on the machine, My Fab Barbie is all set to transform the way eight year olds and above spend their free time. With the introduction of the machine, sewing now features as a serious option for mothers to skill their children. Mothers and daughters can now experience the joy of creating together by co-creating personalized greeting cards, quilting or embellishing wrist bands and hair bands among various options.

“During the formative years, it is critical for parents to support cognitive, emotional and physical development of their children. Recognizing this, we introduced My Fab Barbie sewing machine as a unique gadget for young girls that would help them in creatively expressing their imagination. Additionally, this initiative helps us foster a strong relationship with our young consumers and introduce them to the art of sewing at an early age.” president, sewing machine, Usha international, said.