‘DAZZLE’ Lingerie Collection

Unveiling Of ‘DAZZLE’ Lingerie Collection

‘DAZZLE’ Lingerie Collection‘Dazzle’ lingerie Collection, women innerwear from the house of Shalibhadra Creations Limited (SC), a new definition of urban women who is always very demanding when it comes to comfort and style, was launched at Hotel Hyatt Regency in Mumbai on April 23.

The brand previewed its launch collection of designer bras. The key members of the Kubadia Family who has earlier successfully launched a brand Sonari, unveiled the logo for Dazzle. Post the unveiling of the logo an international model walked the ramp and showcased six exclusive launch bra style.

Brand Dazzle is marketed by SC, the most trusted name in women innerwear business of India. After the success story of Sonari being the well accepted brand by every middle and lower middle class women across India, “we felt the need to cater the upper price segment market, Dipesh Kubadia, a young enterprising entrepreneur with a zeal to drive the Kubadia family business to newer heights. ‘DAZZLE’ Lingerie Collection

“I and my family kept wondering as to why we as Indians cannot produce and market there international quality standard products to the customer of India. Dazzle lingerie is our answer to producing highest quality international standard products to cater the desirable Indian women. All Dazzle products are developed using international standard production technology, best imported fabrics and the most trend-setting design defining a global fashion statement. All are designed by a team of highly creative International fashion designers working from France and Italy, the fashion destination of the world.

The brand is targeted to the urban women who have the money power to buy products that are international standard and understand the products premium prices. The targeted woman is fashion conscious and believe that they deserve nothing but the best. They seek the perfect blend of comfort bundled with their style statement.

Dipesh said “With our promise to bring about a perceptible change in the way lingerie and lifestyle have been done, Shalibhadra Creations looks to contribute to the revolution that has been sweeping through India’s retail Industry. Besides having our international production backbone, Shalibhadra has invested hugely in its Indian manufacturing plant in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra to match the global production standards.”

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