UK Footwear Brand Enters India

UK Footwear Brand Enters IndiaUK-based luxury footwear company, ‘Church’s’ has signed an exclusive deal with multi brand retailer Heel & Buckle to distribute its products in India.

Church’s will price the footwear in India on par with that in the UK ranging between Rs. 20,000 and 72,000, according to a report.

“Luxury footwear brand Church’s is entering into India as a result of an exclusive distribution tie-up with Heel & Buckle,” Mr. Dhiraj Bathija, Heel & Buckle managing director said.

which already has brands like Paco Gil, Magnanni, Pazzion, Alessandro and Rad Russel in its basket is currently on an aggressive expansion plan. It operates one outlet each in Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon and plans to open 12 exclusive stores in India in 2015 and about 120 shop-in-shops by 2017.

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