TumKalip to Show Weaving Machine Spares at ITME India

TumKalip to Show Weaving Machine Spares at ITME India

A Turkish manufacturer of spare parts for new generation of European make weaving machines, ‘TumKalip Aparat’ will be showing its range of quality spare parts at ITME India 2016. TumKalip will also be promoting its high-tech coating technology for used Rapier Heads, like TiO2 and TC also called tungsten carbide coatings.

The company produces and markets spares for Projectile looms, Rigid Rapier looms and Flexible Rapier looms. It will be exhibiting a wide range of spares, especially for new generation models of Projectile looms, Rapier Heads for Positive Rapier machines and a new product line of Flexible Rapier loom spare parts.

TumKalip, which was working through agents till now in India, has recently setup its Indian subsidiary, TumKalip India Pvt Ltd, to offer better and faster services to its Indian customers.

“We have been producing best quality spare parts for European make weaving machines since the last 30 years. This deep experience and use of high quality raw materials help us to deliver spares of impeccable quality to our customers across the world,” Aakesh Bhongade, director at TumKalip India Pvt Ltd said.

“The setting up of the wholly owned subsidiary will help us offer the best services possible to our Indian customers. On the strength of the quality of its products, TumKalip believes in striking long-term partnerships and not just one time sales with its clients,” Bhongade added.

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