Travel Focused Leisure Brand Nobero Undergoes Rebranding

Travel Focused Leisure Brand Nobero Undergoes Rebranding

Nobero, a travel-focused fashion-leisure brand has undergone a rebranding with a new campaign which emphasises on global trends and a fusion of fashion and comfort. 

Nobero is a brand from the TMRW House of Brands, which in turn is an Aditya Birla Group company and specialises in crafting apparel that prioritise both style and comfort.

Nobero now seeks to redefine the narrative around the 9-9 lifestyle with its digital-first campaign – The Other Side is Calling. 

The campaign, led by a critical exploration of the typical 9-9 routine, serves as a catalyst for breaking away from the ‘Always On’ mode.

The campaign transports the audience to serene mountain landscapes, the vibrant atmosphere of a concert, or the joy of street photography. 

“The narrative encourages everyone to explore a life beyond the screens that dominate daily existence,” a TMRW press release stated.

“Our research on Nobero revealed the ‘social traveller’ identity that Millennials often relate to,” Prashanth Aluru, CEO of TMRW House of Brands explained. 

“Nobero’s capability in successfully marrying fashion and comfort, allowed them to create a product offering that suits this TG to perfection,” he added. 

“In our campaign, we have picked up this insight to create a short-form video first content that has a high resonance amongst millennials,” Aluru stated. 

“As the next step in our growth journey, we felt the need to establish a higher emotional connection with our consumers, which got us to create our campaign,” Co-Founder Karthik Venkat also said.


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