Training Programme For Apparel Industry By ATDC

Training Programme For Apparel Industry By ATDC

Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC) has conducted a Customized Training Programme for 45 days on Knowledge Enhancement in Textiles and Fabrics. The training was organised for the top and senior managers of M/s ITX Services India, INDITEX (Zara) at their premises.

The programme was designed especially for professionals from non-textile backgrounds. They were introduced to the Indian textile industry and basic study of textile. More than 23 participants attended the event. The training was divided in 12 sessions which included the understanding of Natural Fibers – Cotton & Flax, Natural Protein Fibers – Silk & Wool, Understand Fabric Construction Textile Dyeing and Printing, Finishing of Textile.

Training of trainers programme was conducted by ATDC TOT Academy, a leader in apparel sector. It is setting benchmarks of quality parameters in apparel industry. TOT Academy upgrades the knowledge base of the industry. The key objective of the Academy is to bring about an overall systematic change in the Apparel Industry while providing better quality trainers for it.

Training programme for apparel industry by ATDC

Roopali Shukla, head, ATDC Training of Trainers Academy said, “This customized training programme was a unique blend of theoretical and industry relevant practical knowledge. Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC also spoke.