The trajectory of India’s fashion curve for 2024

The Trajectory Of India’s Fashion Curve For 2024

India’s fashion scene in 2024 reflects the country’s dynamic progress, with the nation’s sartorial manifestations shaped by both its rich cultural heritage and modern socio-political ethos. 

Emerging fashion trends follow an exciting path that resonates with both nostalgia and innovation, from embracing historical patterns to declaring cultural identity.

“Festive winter 2023 kicked off with a celebratory reminiscence of the silk route when southern Asia thrived in trade,” Anuradha Chandrashekar said. 

“Reliving the cultural confluence that might have existed historically, the season followed the trade from Africa to Persia to India and the Orient, with India as a central hub,” she added.

“Many a designer, from Sabyasachi to Anita Dongre, JJ Valaya and Ritu Kumar, dove into cultural archives to shine a light on our trading heritage and remind us of the goodness of cultural cooperation,” Chandrashekar stated.

“Speed reading into the present dialogue, 2024 is expected to throw the floodlights on the country, opening the floodgates for development and display,” she told HT Lifestyle.

“With the world watching its every move, the country is expected to put its best foot forward in all spheres. India is poised to take a quantum leap in its history,” she continued. 

“From Indian celebrities becoming the faces of international luxury labels, Indian designers and fashion influencers gaining global recognition, to winning prestigious global awards, the country is experiencing a moment of immense pride,” she noted


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