The Lenzing Conclave showcases the latest fiber innovations for Jaipur’s textile industry

The Lenzing Conclave Showcases The Latest Fiber Innovations For Jaipur’s Textile Industry

The Lenzing Group, a global leader in wood-based specialty fibers, recently hosted ‘The Lenzing Conclave’ in Jaipur, focusing on engaging garment makers from the vibrant city. In collaboration with the Garment Exporters Association of Rajasthan (GEAR), the event provided a unique platform for industry stakeholders to delve into sustainable practices and cutting-edge innovations.

In response to the growing focus on sustainability, circularity, and traceability, manufacturers in Jaipur are actively exploring supply chain solutions that align with these progressive standards. The Conclave discussed global consumption trends and anticipated upcoming shifts, emphasizing the necessity for supply chain solutions that allow Jaipur’s garment exporters to seamlessly incorporate the innovations offered by Lenzing.

At the conclave, Lenzing highlighted its top fiber brands like TENCEL™ and LENZING™ ECOVERO™, including new and advanced options like LENZING™ ECOVERO™ black fibers. Guests at the Conclave discussed avenues and products for collaborations. They saw the chance for both parties to grow by creating sustainable and innovative textile solutions.

An extensive product display at the conclave featured the latest developments across outerwear, ethnic wear, home textiles, knits, and denim segments. This comprehensive exhibition provided a firsthand look at Lenzing’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability across diverse textile applications. The conclave also displayed GEAR’s focus on adapting to the current international trends and paving a path for a strong future.

Mr. Zakir Hussain, President of GEAR, highlighted the paramount importance of collaboration and the adoption of value-driven sustainable ingredients, echoing the ethos championed by Lenzing. Jaipur, with its thriving community of garment makers, including 350 GEAR members, has played a key role in creating clothing for well-known Indian and international brands

Talking about the event, Avinash Mane – Senior Commercial Director of AMEA & NEA region, Textiles Business, Lenzing Group, said, “A successful convergence of innovation and sustainability, ‘The Lenzing Conclave’ in Jaipur was a testament to the dynamic synergy between Lenzing and the city’s garment industry. The conclave marked a pivotal moment for Lenzing and the vibrant city, setting the stage for a transformative journey towards sustainable, value-driven textile solutions. We look forward to a continued partnership that shapes the future of the global textile landscape.

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