Odisha Govt to boost textile, handicrafts sector

Textile, handicrafts sector to boost by Odisha Govt

To develop state’s textile, handloom and handicrafts sector, the Odisha government has decided to seek support from the World Bank (WB). A meeting recently held in Bhubaneswar with both senior officials to finalize a project to raise the income of the artisans and weavers by increasing domestic sale and exports and standardize design patterns.

“No financial decision has been taken yet on the project. We expressed Odisha government’s keen interest and they also expressed theirs,” R BalaKrishnan, the state’s development commissioner said.

However, a newspaper in Odisha reported that around Rs 460 crore will be invested in the project initially. The State hosts 52 kinds of handicraft and weaving art forms and around four lakh people are engaged in this profession directly or indirectly.

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