Texpro Bengal, A Destination For Investment

Texpro Bengal, A Destination For Investment

Textile and garment was one of the focused areas “Texpro Bengal” at the ‘Bengal Global Business Summit’ began in Kolkata yesterday where speakers appreciated the development taking place in the state to attract investors.

Against the background of very favourable conditions for business coupled with the state government’s initiatives to assist in every way possible, ‘Texpro Bengal’, theme of the discussion, is now one of the most promising destinations for investment in West Bengal.


Initiating the discussion, state’s principal secretory to the concerned department, Rajiv Sinha said Texpro Bengal is a push to establish West Bengal as a leading destination of globally competitive value-added textile like readymade garments, processed power loom and knitted fabric, technical textile and apparel products for both domestic and international markets.

Referring to several upcoming development programmes, Sinha said 13 textile parks will be launched together creating 22.7 million sq. ft. for industrial use in textile sector. He said industry has also to come forward to assist the government to achieve the desired goal. Sinha also stressed the need for institutionalisation of every plan and programme so that the process is not disturbed in future too. He said manufacturers have also equal responsibility with the government to ensure proper growth of the industry and sought their suggestions and ideas for the betterment of the sector.

Speakers at the discussion highlighted the need for promotion of brand and market for the products more vigorously to avail the current growing brand euphoria among the young generation. At the same time, minimize the cost of production of their products taking advantage of low cost labour available in the state. They felt that now is the time for the manufactures to look at deficiencies, if any, on their part instead of criticizing and blaming others.

In his presentation, CMAI president, Rahul Mehta pointed out that industry should do away with old perception in every aspect and make them suitable to the present fast developing scenario. He said West Bengal has so many manufacturers, but there is no major brand excepting a few. This is because of fear of being a large one to avoid any complication. He said future of an industry depends on brand at the same time, retail sector has to be standarised through an effective policy.

Mehta said Kolkata is home of kids wear, which has a great potential. But, he regretted there is no such development in the sector as most of them are in unorganised area. The government as well as the industry should look into it more seriously. He said since garment is a cost-oriented industry, special emphasis should be given to minimize the cost with an aim to compete the international market for higher export volume. Reference to the GST, Mehta said without accepting it, industry will be wiped out in future.

AEPC representative in his address ruled out any indifferent attitude of the council towards West Bengal, as alleged by a section of the people, saying that it will provide all possible assistance to the industry in this state for marketing its products to event global market. He also assured the industry leaders for holding some national garment fairs in future in Kolkata to promote the brands from the state.

Convener of the session, Sanjay K. Jain, MD. TT Limited and VP, FOHMA referred various aspects of the requirements of the industry and suggested certain measures to mitigate the problems. He also talked about weak power loom sector in the state and urged the government and the industry leaders to look into it to make the sector more effective and beneficial to the people.