Technology Uses Zero Water To Dye Zips

Technology Uses Zero Water To Dye ZipsJapanese producer of apparel zippers, ‘YKK’ has developed an Eco-Dye technology at its Kurobe facility in Japan by using super critical fluid dyeing (SFD) technology.

According to YKK, this technology enables it to reduce the amount of water used in the zipper dyeing process to almost zero.

The SFD technology uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a dyeing medium that makes it possible to reduce water use to nearly zero and also avoid waste water problem.

YKK is now testing and working further on development of the Eco-Dye technology for mass production. The zipper manufacturer, who operates in 71 countries, has not yet decided commercialization of the technology and an actual release date of Eco-Dye made zippers.

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