Talent Search For Colouration And Fashion

SDCTalent Search EC Mumbai Chapter, a leading educational charity, has organised its “5th National Students Competition – Young Talent search 2015” at The Textiles Committee, Mumbai on March 27.

The theme for this year’s competition was “Innovations in colour and its use” and overwhelming response was received from all over country.

6 entries from Colouration and 5 from Fashion were shortlisted.

In Colouration Session, Priyanka Shinde and Swapnali Patil of Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) were declared the winners.

Prashant Gangawane and Ambadas Garge of ICT declared 1st runner up. Their papers were on “Innovative Use of Unused Tetracycline Hydrochloride as Colourant inTextile”.

In fashion session, Karishma Jain of B.D.Somani institute was the winner.The project was on ‘used towels’.

The 1st runner up was Devanshi Shah of B.D.Somani Institute. Her project was on ‘Radium printing’ on apparel in form of placement prints.

Khilti Visharia was the 2nd Runner up also from B.D.Somani Institute. Her project was ‘Sun Sand & Stains’.

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