Sustex 2018 to focus on the circular Textile Chain

Sustex 2018 to focus on the circular Textile Chain

Germany to host the three-day event, Sustex 2018 commencing from September 10 in Chemnitz to focus on the innovative formation of a marketplace and impart knowledge on sustainability to the Textile industry.

The Sustainable Textile School in Germany will focus on recycling and efficient sourcing with superefficient operations, up and downstream in the industry.

A sustainable innovation will receive the Environmental Innovation Prize 2018 at the Sustainable Textile School. The prize will be awarded to practical and eco-friendly proposals that deal with the downstream use of resources or high-quality recycling. The solutions shall contribute to saving resources or transfer them into closed material cycles.

The Technical University (TU) of Chemnitz said that their goal is to establish a global textile education platform from fibre to garment, from consumer demands to consumer takebacks. They will also develop sustainable engineering for the circular textile chain together, in a statement said.

For the textile industry we see great opportunities to thrive this momentum to continue developing new strategies, designs and first and foremost well engineered technology to create true circular value chains, the organizer said.

The Sustex18 are currently developing the program and connecting with superb experts from various fields, to create inspiring two days of education and beneficial progress for you.

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