Sustainable Textile Processes To Be Seen In Texprocess 2015

Sustainable Textile Processes To Be Seen In Texprocess 2015Numerous innovations in the field of sustainable processing of textile and flexible materials will be showcased at Texprocess to be held on May four, according to the organiser source.

“Numerous possibilities for a green production exist during the manufacturing process will be seen at the fair,” organiser sources said.

A study said that German machines allow saving of 28 per cent of energy and 33 per cent of water in a comparison between 2014 and 2004, within various segments of the textile sector. In the field of textile production big steps can be made and within the subsequent process of tailoring, the approaches are multifarious and divided into small sections.

After 30 months of research, an EU study revealed that lack of information and focusing on possible energy-saving in the clothing production processes is evident.

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