Sustainable Fashion Future aimed by H&M

Sustainable Fashion Future aimed by H&M

H&M has taken the initiative to collect the garments and provides fashion and quality in a sustainable way at the best price. H&M has associated with Keep America Beautiful, a community improvement non-profit organisation, with an aim to work towards a change in the way fashion is made and enjoy the present.

H&M has collected over 40,000 tons of clothing after the launch of the initiative in 2013. H&M, through its new partnership urging customers to take part in the American Recycles Day by contributing unwanted garments from any brand in any condition. The goal by 2020 is to increase the number of garments collected every year to reach up to 25,000 tons per year.

H&M aims to create a closed loop for textiles whereas America’s Recycles Day educates people about the importance of recycling to the economy and environmental well-being, and helps to motivate occasional recyclers to become everyday recyclers. H&M has collected 2.3 million pounds of unwanted textiles in the US till yet.

“Working towards Sustainable fashion future, it will help to save natural resources and ensure that zero garments go to landfill. It will also help H&M to achieve its long-term goal of making its products from more sustainable or recycled sources, by 2030,” H&M spokesperson said.

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