Suspension Of Fibre Production At Nagda

Fibre Production At NagdaGrasim Industries, pioneer in viscose staple fibre, will temporarily suspend production at its Nagda (Madhya Pradesh) plant.

The company has informed the BSE that it has started reducing production of staple fibre at its Nagda plant in a phased manner due to water shortage caused by deficient rain last year.

“The production is expected to be fully suspended from April 30, and will be resumed on the arrival of monsoon and availability of adequate water,” Grasim said.

The operations of chlor-alkali plant are also likely to be affected and will run to the extent of availability of water, Grasim said.

Besides Nagda, Grasim has staple fibre plants at Kharach and Vilayat (both in Gujarat) and Harihar (Karnataka). The company will continue to cater to the requirements of all its customers from these plants.

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