‘Success’ Menswear With Roses

‘Success’ Menswear With Roses

There is a strong element inspired by gardens in menswear- orchids, tulips, palms, leaves and roses on Suits, Blazers, Shirts, Trousers and Shorts – you name it, this era had a Garden-Makeover, be it spring-summer or this layer-worthy winters. It’s a ‘Success’, menswear fashion moment that has raised eyebrows and will evolve to become a classic taste in prints.

Floral look for men desperately needed modernizing. Keeping in mind that the Indian Male is still new to the concept – we were thinking twice before offering to the masses. So, we decided to tone it down a bit, keeping it subtle with dark vintage varieties.

Success Menswear with RosesAt Success, we aspire to make garments which are all about details and versatility. We concentrate on the pairing choices that ‘one’ garment will offer to the wearer as he mix and matches it in his wardrobe. Hence, the brain-storming – over more acceptable prints, tones and well-fitting cuts that will offer class, quality and trend- all rolled in one !

We take great pleasure in educating the customer with global trends, while he can still carry our garments with confidence not worrying about being too ‘fashionable’.

Offering manly colours was our main concern, so we went with mute peacock hues, blood reds and washed out indigos.

Here are some tips for ‘floral-fashion’ enthusiasts-

If you’re embracing floral trousers but don’t want to do the full flower clash with the same floral trousers, look like a pro with plain denim/cotton chinos of the same ‘base colour’ of the print.

A floral blazer might not be as useful as a navy one, but you can try a plain one solid color T-shirt or shirt under it.

Try and look for a more subtle print- either keep it dark and monochromatic or go for washed out colors in pastels, this increases your choices to pair it with almost any solid colour.